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Alkoxyglycerols are ether-linked glycerols derived from shark liver oil. They include such substances as batyl alcohol, chimyl alcohol and selachyl alcohol. They are also known as alkylglycerols, ether lipids and dietary ether lipids. The terms alkoxyglycerols and shark liver oil are frequently used interchangeably. Alkoxyglycerols are found naturally in shark liver oil in the form of fatty acid esters. These fatty acid esters are called 1-O-alkyl-2,3-diacyl-sn-glycerols and are represented by the following chemical structure:

Chemical Structure


Actions & Pharmacology


Alkoxyglycerols have putative antiproliferative and immunomodulatory activities.

Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of the putative antiproliferative and immunomodulatory actions of alkoxyglycerols is not known. Speculative mechanisms include protein kinase C inhibition, macrophage activation and natural killer cell activation.


Ether glycerols, when absorbed, may be incorporated into plasmalogens and alkylacyl glycerophospholipids. Little is available on the specific pharmacokinetics of the shark oil alkoxyglycerols in humans.

Indications & Usage

Support for claims that the alkoxyglycerols are indicated for the prevention and treatment of any cancer or for the treatment of wounds and inflammatory conditions in humans is limited and unsystematic. There is little support for claims that they are immune-enhancing in humans.

Research & Summary

This shark-liver oil derivative has been touted as an effective anti-cancer treatment. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to support this claim, at least for humans. There is scant evidence it inhibits tumor growth or reduces cancer mortality in humans. It should in no way be relied upon in the treatment of any form of cancer. Similarly, there is little evidence to support claims that this substance is useful for treating wounds and inflammatory conditions. Neither has it been demonstrated in appropriate human clinical studies that it has immune-enhancing effects. There are some in vitro and animal studies reporting antiproliferative and immunomodulatory effects for these substances, and perhaps alkoxyglycerols may eventually have a role to play in adjuvant management of certain types of cancer. However, this would need to be established by well-designed, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, which have not yet been done.

Contraindications, Precautions & Adverse Reactions


Known hypersensitivity to an alkoxyglycerol-containing product.


Those with cancer who are interested in alkoxyglycerols should discuss their use with their physicians. Under no circumstance should they be relied upon as principle elements in the management of their disease. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid alkoxyglycerol supplements.

Adverse Reactions

Mild gastrointestinal symptoms, including diarrhea, have been reported.


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What is Alkoxyglycerol

Alkoxyglycerol is an important building block found mostly in the bone marrow and is used by our bodies to strengthen blood cells. Our bodies are first supplied with alkoxyglycerol through breast milk and we continue to produce it naturally in the bone marrow with nutrients from our daily diet. It should be noted that the human body has a higher amount of alkoxy in the bone marrow when it is fed breast milk rather than cow’s milk during infancy.
This is because breast milk contains about 10 times more alkoxy than cow’s milk. This difference in the amount of alkoxy is one of the main reasons why babies brought up on breast milk are much healthier than those brought up on cow’s milk or formula.
Since alkoxyglycerol is produced naturally by our bodies when we intake food, we do not necessarily have to eat it in its direct form in order for it to reach the blood cells. However, direct consumption of alkoxy would effectively increase the level of alkoxy in our bone marrow and the blood, creating healthier and stronger blood cells, especially white blood cells. Direct intake of alkoxy will ultimately lead to a stronger immune system and a healthier body.
Alkoxyglycerol is a natural health food supplement, which is extracted from the liver of the deep sea Ai shark. The Ai shark’s liver contains the highest known level of Alkoxyglycerol in nature.
The condition under which the Ai shark lives makes it an ideal source of Alkoxyglycerol. The Ai shark dwells in a world of darkness, 500~1000meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean. This remote environment is one of the only places on earth that has been untouched by the pollution and deterioration of the ecosystem. The purity of this environment guarantees that the Alkoxy extracted from the Ai shark remains free of any external pollutants.
Alkoxyglycerol also has the added benefit of containing squalene, an effective antioxidant that protects cells from damage and mutation. Together with squalene, Alkoxyglycerol helps the blood cleanse itself of bacteria and free radicals, thereby leading to cleaner blood and better health.

A primary benefit of the alkoxyglycerols is that they provide special nutrients that naturally support the body's immune system's ability to fight infections and degeneration.
Alkoxy Glycerol provides alkoxyglycerols extracted from shark livers.
The immune system is a complex network of various defense mechanisms, which works to destroy harmful substances (microorganisms of bacterial nature and other foreign material) that are present in everyone's body. The key element of the immune systems is white blood cells. They are produced in the bone marrows. There are two types of white cells; the leukocytes and the lymphocytes. More important of the two in the immune system is the lymphocytes. Within the lymphocytes, there are two basic types of lymphocytes; the B-lymphocytes and the T-lymphocytes. Again, the T-lymphocytes are the most important element within the immune system in fighting against harmful substances in the body.
As shown on the picture on the left, the T-lymphocytes can attach to the surface of invading proteins (often cancer cells), neutralize them, penet-rate the invading proteins (the picture on the right), and even-tually destroy the invading pro-teins.
Thus, it is crucial for our health that we maintain strong T-lymphocytes, and Alkoxy Glycerol supplies alkoxyglyce-rols that provide special nutrients that naturally support the body's immune system.




烷氧基甘油 AKG 主要存在于人体的骨髓、肝脏、脾脏和母乳里。AKG 会随着人体的老化,或在身体受到疾病侵害时减少,导致免疫能力减退。尤其癌症病人在接受放射性治疗后,白血球间接被杀掉,他们尤其需要补充体内的 AKG 加速免疫系统的恢复。含量最丰富的 AKG 是在鲨鱼肝油里,比母乳制造的高100-200倍。

研究证实母乳里的AKG 对婴儿或儿童免疫系统的成长与发展有关键性的影响。强健的免疫系统可提升人体免疫力,增加人体的白细胞数,提高抗体数,提高淋巴细胞数,从而提高人的抗病能力,预防感染及各种病菌的侵蚀。



Shark Liver Oil - Immunity from the deep

• Strengthens the immune system
• Beneficial for coughs, colds and influenza
• Recommended before, during and after radiation therapy

Sharks are the strongest and most invincible of all creatures in the ocean. Besides their outward physical attributes to protect themselves, nature provided these creatures from the deep with amazing immunity to ill health. They never get cancer or the common problems associated with humanity. The exciting news is that now their powerful resistance may be available to you!


Norwegian fishermen in the 18th Century discovered that oil extracted from the liver of the deep water shark sped up skin tissue repair if applied to wounds. The fishermen filled stomach sacs of fish with the shark's liver oil and used it to alleviate respiratory tract infections. They also found through practical usage that the oil strengthened them, especially when taken after illness.


By the early 19th Century, the use of shark liver oil had all but died out, apart from in a few isolated Scandinavian fishing communities. This valuable knowledge would have completely disappeared, had it not been for two Japanese scientists who, in 1922, discovered a lipid which differs from the usually fatty substances by the presence of a single atom of oxygen. They called these healing molecules ALKOXYGLYCEROLS.

These molecules were synthesised in 1930 and then research into their versatile healing applications progressed rapidly. The technological advances of the 1940s and 1950s enabled the Swedish researchers, Hallgren and Larsson, to undertake extremely specific studies of shark liver oil in the 1960s1. The liver oil was found to contain extremely high concentrations of active alkoxyglycerols2,3 usually only found in mother's milk and bone marrow. Further scientific research was then undertaken over the next twenty years by other Swedish researchers.


These eminent Swedish scientists made the exciting discoveries that shark liver oil, with its potent alkoxyglycerols:

• activated and enhanced the body's lymphatic immune defence system by stimulating the formation of antibodies4 and increasing the number of white blood cells and thrombocytes in our blood.

• diminished the harmful side-effects following radiation therapy by reducing leucopenia and thrombocytopenia (both of which invariably occur during the course of irradiation).5,6 The alkoxyglycerols neutralised and counteracted the detrimental changes in the blood cell ratio caused by treatment


The lymphatic system plays an important role in the body's immune system by repelling harmful bacteria, fungi and viral invaders. It is one of the major lines of the body's defences against disease and could be likened to the pipes of the plumbing system in a building. Its vessels carry tissue fluid, called lymph, around the body. The lymph carries harmful substances from the tissues to be exterminated by the white blood cells in the lymph nodes, before the lymph is returned to the blood at the veins in the neck. The lymphatic nodes are small glands, situated in specific places in the body, which produce white blood cells. Some of these cells produce antibodies and others ingest the invading bacteria, thereby destroying it.


In the course of these extensive studies, it was observed and recorded that alkoxyglycerols, if taken for a period prior to radiation therapy, had an inhibiting effect upon abnormal cellular reproduction7 and the results of these innovative discoveries were reported to the international scientific world at the First International Symposium on Ether Lipids in Oncology, held in Western Germany in 1986.


It has been extensively researched and scientifically proven that the active alkoxyglycerols in shark liver oil have a definite healing application.

Indications for its use would appear to be:

• Recurring infections.
• Strengthening the immune system, particularly in chronic degenerative diseases.
• Beneficial for coughs, colds and influenza.
• Important for tissue repair, delayed wound healing and acne.
• Recommended before, during and after radiation therapy.
• Promotes healing and recovery of nervous system.
• Normalises metabolism in diabetics.
• Effective against viral hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.
• Has an analgesic and anaesthetising effect to neutralise pain.

Topically, shark liver oil is a valuable deterrent in the fight against the symptoms of ageing and as an aid in the maintenance and integrity of the skin. It also helps to minimise the liver spots that accompany ageing.8


Shark liver oil alkoxyglycerols are not an isolated example of health benefits from the ocean. The shark has, however, provided an exciting answer to some of mankind's pressing health problems with its potent, healing alkoxyglycerols.

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Shark Liver Oil: one of the richest sources of Alkylglycerols and squalene.
Alkylglycerols: natural chemicals formed by the combination of a fatty acid and an alcohol molecule. Alkylglycerols are also found in significant amounts in the liver, spleen, bone marrow, and breast milk (both cow and human). When we are born our bodies are protected from the dangers of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections by the naturally occurring Alkylglycerols found in Mother’s milk.

Squalene: Squalene is an unsaturated hydrocarbon, which can easily produce oxygen by combining with water. As an oxygen carrier, Squalene plays a key role in maintaining health.

Suggested use: Take three capsules daily on an empty stomach

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烷氧基甘油( AKGS)——I每日营养

烷氧基甘油( AKGS)——天然的免疫之王 鲨鱼肝油的主要成分,角鲨烯是由瑞典科学家卡约博士1906年发现的,并因此在当年获得了诺贝尔奖。1952年维特里·布莱克博士发现了冰岛海域鲨鱼与其他的鲨鱼不同,含有角鲨烯,并含有烃安甘油(AKG),自此才有冰岛鲨鱼肝油胶囊的问世。至今已有54年的历史。曾在欧美及日本风靡一时。在保健品中鲨鱼肝油(成份)是唯一获得诺贝尔奖的保健品!
鲨鱼之所以能成为最健康和世界上唯一一种不得癌症的哺乳动物,关键就在于鲨鱼肝油中含有一种被称为天然的免疫之王的活性治疗分子——烷氧基甘油( AKGS)。
科学家研究发现, 烷氧基甘油( AKGS)能刺激免疫细胞生成,提高白细胞、淋巴细胞和血小板的数目,并能促进免疫细胞的活化。 对多种入侵人体的疾病产生强烈抵抗能力。

烷氧基甘油( AKGS)对抗氧化有独特的功效。传统的抗氧化剂,如维生素C、E虽然也能抗氧化,但都是从细胞外进行,极少能穿透细胞膜、进入细胞内发生作用。烷氧基甘油(AKGS)正是为数不多的细胞内抗氧化剂之一。


AKGS是全名alkylglycerols的简称,学名叫AKGS,中文学名叫烷氧基甘油。AKGS是一种与醚相连的甘油类化合物,它是人体自然产生的一种物质,高度集中在人体的淋巴结,肝脏,脾脏,骨髓和胸腺等主要免疫器官里。AKGS是人体白血球的主要原素,它的主要功能是刺激免疫细胞的生成,提高白细胞、淋巴细胞和血小板的数量,促进免疫细胞活化、增强机体的免疫能力。AKGS对人体免疫细胞的生成和活化有强大的激发作用,它被世界学术界誉为“免疫力之源”。 AKGS还有一个特殊的作用就是,它可以打开细胞膜,进入到细胞膜内部,有效清除细胞内部的垃圾和毒素。传统的抗氧化剂大多是从细胞外清除自由基,极少有能够穿透细胞膜,进入细胞内发挥效力,而烷氧基甘油(AKGs)正是为数不多的细胞内抗氧化剂之一。




联合国和世界卫生组织多次向全世界发出呼吁,要求所有的母亲亲自哺乳自己的婴儿,以便增强儿童的免疫力、保障儿童的健康成长。这是因为母乳中含有一种学名叫AKGS(alkylglycerols,中文学名叫烷氧基甘油)的物质。母乳是婴儿最理想的天然食物,含有大量的免疫物质。刚刚出生的婴幼儿,其免疫功能的建立与完善以及它们的抗病能力,就是靠母亲的乳液中的 AKGS来完成的。

据国际知名的赫尔辛基大学中心医院对236名婴儿所进行的长达20年的跟踪调查报告指出,饱含AKGS的母乳能保护婴儿不受外界的各种过敏源的刺激和影响,如果婴儿能被母亲哺乳六个月以上,那么,该婴儿一直到成年都不易患上湿症,哮喘,和花粉过敏症等常见疾病。在许多国家所做的调查中也发现,母乳喂养的婴儿与吃一般配方奶粉的婴儿相比,不易患腹泻、中耳炎等儿科常见的感染性疾病。临床试验证明,充足的AKGS能大幅度提高血液中的白细胞和免疫球蛋白的浓度,直接增强人体免疫系统的整体功能,能有效地止痛消炎,对抗流行性感冒和某些慢性疾病。 如过敏症、气喘病、莱姆症、鼻窦炎等。由此看来,由于许多母亲没有给自己的婴儿喂奶,或是没有喂过足够的母乳,会导致婴儿先天缺乏筑成保障健康的坚固屏障之物质材料,因而造成儿童成长过程中易患疾病的缺憾。因为母乳中的AKGS的含量比牛奶中的含量高出10倍之多。临床检测发现:每一公升母乳含有30毫克(体弱的母亲)到50毫克(健康的母亲)的AKGS。过去我们只知道吃母乳长大的孩子长得结实很少生病,但不知道什么原因,直到今天我们才清楚,这就是母乳中AKGS的神奇功效。




早在18世纪,挪威的渔民就用滴血的诱饵放在水里,引诱鲨鱼浮到水表面,然后用鱼叉和网将其捕获,再将深海鲨鱼肝中的油脂提取出来,用于加快皮肤伤口组织的愈合,这些渔民还将鱼的囊泡中灌满鲨鱼肝油,用来服用,以减轻和缓和呼吸道感染,他们同时还发现通过服用鲨鱼肝油,身体变得强壮,特别是在生病后服用。 到了19世纪,除了斯堪的那维亚几个孤立的渔村外,鲨鱼肝油的使用几乎已经绝迹了。直到1922年,两位日本科学家,从鲨鱼肝油中发现他们称之为神奇治疗分子的烷氧基甘油,这种物质在1930年首次合成,对其各种治愈功效的研究也迅速在世界各地发展起来。烷氧基甘油,是烷氧基甘油醚酯类里的一种,存在于骨髓和母乳中,能刺激白细胞增长。在各种


'The Wonder Oil'
Shark Liver Oil rich with Alkylglycerols
ALKOXYROLTM ‘The Wonder Oil’- Shark liver oil is actually not new. It has been studied and used for over 80 years in situations of both treatment and prevention. It was initially used for treating leukemias and later to prevent radiation sickness from cancer x-ray therapy. It has also found a useful place in immune dysfunction and inflammation. 

ALKOXYGLYCEROL (pronounced  - al-cox-eel-gliss-erol)

The active ingredient of shark liver oil is Alkoxyglycerol. These compounds have been studied since the 1920’s at various institutions around the world including the renowned John Hopkins University in the USA and in Sweden. Alkylglycerols have been known for their ability in reducing radiation damage, suppressing tumor growth, increased production of red blood cells and to accelerate wound healing. Recently, their role in stimulating the immune system and regulating malfunctioning cells within the immune system is receiving increased attention. These actions we call immunestimulation and immunemodulation.
Alkoxyglycerols are found naturally in our bodies and especially in human breast milk, hence one of the reasons why breast feeding is important to pass this immune building substance onto babies. However, AKGs as they are sometimes called have been found to occur in largest amount in the oil of the shark’s liver. The compound is then purified by removing the excess toxins and vitamins A and D from the liver oil.

We all are curious about how ALKOXYROLTM ‘The Wonder Oil’ works. 

Dr. Joelson Swedish researcher at NIH and Columbia University concluded that there were 3 mechanisms of action for AKGs: 1. membrane effects (2) antioxidant action (3)tumor suppression action. Macrophages are a critical entity in the function of a strong immune system. AKG’s change the membrane activity of the macrophage.  AKGs also increase the production of macrophage. The macrophage or scavenger cell is responsible for taking up and removing all the abnormal and broken other cells, foreign particles e.g bacteria, heavy metals in the body. It also breaks up cancer cells in order to try and remove them.

Interleukins are then released by macrophages and acts on other cells in an important series of events where:
  1. Second messengers released – activate other cells to build a defense against infectious agents. In addition activation of B and T cells occurs.
  2. Fibroblasts (these are connective tissue cells) also activate the repair mechanisms. This results in the rebuilding of blood vessels and connective tissue such as collagen an elastin. The adaptive nature of the fibroblast also allows it to be converted into fat cells and bone cells or other cells as needed.
  3. Surveillance is increased for damaged/abnormal cells, infectious agents/foreign bodies.
  4. The body is now on full alert status.
Through another series of reactions, alkoxyglycerols were found to prevent the actions another factor in the cells called Protein Kinase C aborting the arachadonic acid cascade and resulting in the halting of production of inflammatory cells in the body and other proliferative diseases. 

  • There is found to be a decreased occurrence of radiation associated injuries.
  • Increased tumor regression
  • Acts as powerful antioxidants
  • Reduced reperfusion ischemia injury associated with myocardial injury or heart attacks
  • Powerful in the prevention and removal of inflammation in the body.
These actions of AKGS have resulted in us being able to prevent and treat a number of diseases since many of them operate on the production of inflammation, cancer cells, other abnormal aging cells, and malfunctioning cells.
Such diseases like: Allergies, asthma, both types of arthritis, psoriasis, acne and chronic back pains. There is also great potential for treating new muscular and other types of injuries in that it accelerates or hastens the healing rate. This would be very helpful in heart attacks and athletes where rapid healing is important. The beauty in this is that in some ways it acts like a steroid in promoting rapid healing without the risks that can occur with taking steroids.

ALKOXYROLTM ‘The Wonder Oil’ is useful in all types of CANCERS in conjunction with radiation or chemotherapy. It is actually especially helpful in brain tumors where it helps open small gaps in the brain barrier to allow the chemotherapy drugs to get in and work more effectively. This was extensively studied by Nikaulus Webber and reported in the Program of Biochemical Pharmacology report on the Biological effects of Alkoxyglycerols .

ALKOXYROLTM ‘The Wonder Oil’ is also effective in LUPUS supposedly by correcting the action of the malfunctioning cells or getting rid of them and stimulating the body to produce normal ones.
By stimulating or boosting the immune system the effect in HIV, AIDS and anemias has been amazing.

      Although not quite understood yet, some who have been on ALKOXYROLTM ‘The Wonder Oil’ over time for other reasons such as ARTHRITIS have been noticing a control in their high blood pressure and diabetes and in a few cases renewed functioning of muscles and nerves that have been damaged by stroke and other degenerative diseases of the nervous system. These effects have not been studied yet because they are good effects that are now being noticed with the increased use of ALKOXYROLTM ‘The Wonder Oil’.

Again for cases that are not quite understood, there have been some benefits in the area of FERTILITY where some have conceived and delivered healthy children after years of not being able to and it also increases the sex drive.

There is also a scope for ALKOXYROLTM ‘The Wonder Oil’ to be used as an oral chelator in cases where MERCURY POISONING or other heavy metal poisoning is suspected. This may be of benefit in circulatory diseases where there are some schools of thought that the deposits in the arteries may be due to heavy metal deposits also. 

And we cannot forget the ANTI-AGING properties that have an effect on the skin. I am also using it in my ALZHEIMERS patients where again the disease process may be due to aluminium deposits.

      I am sure over time there are many more uses that we will discover for the use of shark liver oil. Studies are ongoing and hopefully soon we will have answers to the questions of the how and why of shark liver oil. In the meantime, I encourage you to use it widely in both prevention and as a helpful addition to conventional medicine in treating your current illnesses whatever they may be. They can also be used with any other supplements that you are currently taking.


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